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Wealth Management Services

■ Wealth Management Services of Mita Securities

Since 1949, we have been running the family business, and we are one of a few privately owned securities companies whose majority shares are owned by one family.
While we keep our family business and we were also engaged in sustainable development of family businesses of our clients, we have obtained various knowhow and experiences of wealth management.
Our wealth management team supports for the greater prosperity of our clients’ families by providing with the services which we ourselves actually have experienced.
We believe it is our virtue, value, and pride to be able to keep a good relationship with our clients’ families for generations.
We provide the most appropriate advice and services for the whole field of assets of our clients including asset management, inheritance, and business succession. With a mid- and long-term point of view, we promise to work diligently for the sake of our clients.

Asset Management

We support our clients’ asset management from the side. We provide broad and various investment products not only traditional financial products such as stocks, bond, and investment trusts, but also products tailored for clients’ needs and special occasion products.
We not only provide financial products, but also analyze individual stocks, financial products, and portfolios. We also calculate market value of the financial products, propose asset diversification, and give various financial advices.

Inheritance Strategy

It is essential to take enough time for inheritance measures in order to pass on the assets to the next generation. Moreover, we should keep it in mind to secure assets with high liquidity so that successors can pay inheritance tax without problems. (Tax payment measures) We especially need to be careful if the portion of assets with low liquidity is high.
We grasp the current condition and plan the best measure according to our clients’ intention, and we also provide our clients with simulation works for inheritance tax, advices for inheritance measures, and assessment of unlisted stocks. Nowadays we proceed with the research for inheritance measures with utilizing global schemes.

Business Inheritance Measures

It is a constantly critical issue how our client’s companies should be passed on to the next generation. If the stocks are unlisted, it would require substantial money for tax payment when transferring them. Therefore we need to plan carefully and execute it steadily for smooth business inheritance. It is also necessary to hedge risks for unexpected disease or death. The most important point of all is to clarify who will the successors.
We ourselves experienced the business inheritance, and have been engaged in a number of cases for our clients as well. By making use of these experiences and achievements, we are confident in proposing realistic and flexible measures which meet our clients’ needs.

Capital Strategies/M&A

We propose our clients’ companies with the most appropriate solutions for even complicated issues by utilizing our new technologies and broad information networks, such as capital strategies or M&A.
We can provide a wide range of services, such as consolidation of scattered stocks, inheritance of stocks to successors by controlling the voting rights, acquisition of international companies aiming for overseas expansion, M&A utilizing treasury stocks, unwinding cross-shareholding (block trades), and global reorganization. We utilize our total capability with our investment banking division, tax advisory team, and external professionals.

Real Estate Services

We are qualified as a registered real estate broker, and received approval to launch real estate funds as a real estate specified joint enterprise operator. Our real estate team deals with our clients’ various needs for real estates. Its services include sales transactions of real estate and real estate trust beneficiary rights, efficient usages of real estates, and the establishment of real estate funds, by utilizing our features as a securities firm.
We also provide information of international real estates and support sales transactions in response to the increasing needs for overseas real estates.

Fund Structuring Support

In case of forming funds (including partnership), it is necessary to follow various business regulations. We support our clients to form funds, such as business-oriented funds, funds to invest in securities, and real estate funds which meet our clients’ needs. We have track records for a number of private fund establishments.


We are qualified for the money lending business and can support fundraising for our clients. We endeavor to provide speedy and high-quality services so that we can meet our clients’ finance needs quickly. Our finance services include securities-backed loans and mortgage-backed loans, and especially investment trust-backed loans and mortgage-backed loans for overseas (mainly US) real estates are our unique services.
We also possess the broad range of experiences and solutions for corporate finance, not only for individual clients. We provide the exclusive solutions to meet our clients’ needs by partnering with our investment banking division, including factoring services and purchasing stock acquisition rights.


We try to deal with various risks surrounding our clients, and we propose schemes to hedge risks, which fit our clients’ life plans.

Other Services

•Block Trade
We search counterparties for our clients’ block trades with our external business partners, when our clients are willing to sell or purchase a large amount of listed stocks at one time.
•Stock Lending
Our clients can obtain negative interest per diems by lending their owned stocks.
•Standing Proxy Services
If our clients are non-Japanese residents and willing to make transactions of Japanese securities, it is required for them to designate a standing proxy in Japan. We support those clients for non-resident transactions by becoming their standing proxy.

If there are any other requests, we make the best effort to fulfill our clients’ needs and requests as much as possible. By dealing with various requests from our clients proactively, our services have succeeded to expand and deepen. Requests from our clients are important sources for our company’s sustainable development.