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Special Features of MITA SECURITIES

  • We continue to achieve positive net income for 19 consecutive terms.

    Our surplus has been continuing for 19 consecutive terms. We have been going through several difficult times, such as Lehman shock, European sovereign bond crisis, and the great east Japan earthquake, and obviously it has not been easy for us, a securities firm, to remain in surplus during this period. However, we have been successfully able to stabilize our business results as we diversified our services broadly into various businesses, such as private banking, investment banking, money lending services, real estate related services, and dealing business, and moreover, we have a number of unique financial services and products which no one can find in other financial firms.

  • Fiduciary Duty

    We have been posting a word of “Fiduciary Duty” in our yearly management plan since FY2003 and share this word among all our employees, as we always believe it is our crucial responsibility as professionals in a security firm to take care of our clients faithfully.
    This attitude and consciousness can be seen in our own business data consequently.
    Churning is executing excessive trades for an investment account of a client by a salesman in a securities company or a bank in order to generate commission from the account, and it has been criticized in the market as a matter of the sales attitude of financial products. Meanwhile, our asset turnover ratio of our clients is drastically low among the security industry, and it is only 0.30% per year.
    We also seldom propose our clients to switch the investment funds or hedge funds, therefore the unrealized profit ratio of investment funds of our clients is +10.4%, which substantially exceeds the market average rate. (As of the end of FY2017)

    *Asset turnover ratio = Commissions from clients / Clients’ assets in custody
    *Unrealized profit ratio of clients’ investment funds = Market value of client’s investment funds/Book value of client’s investment funds

  • Lineup of our unique products and services

    It is our one of strengths to have unique financial products and services, and we aim at further differentiation from other financial institutions.
    The time of “push sales strategy” in which securities firms sell their financial products to their customers for their own conveniences should be ended. We feel significant to offering products and services that our clients truly seek and acclaim.
    When we create new products and services, we try to deal with them with flexibility and speed and also carefully examine illegality of those products and services.
    We provide loans secured by US real estates and securitize those loan receivables. We also provide loans secured by securities, such as investment funds and foreign bonds. We created the fund to restore values of Kyomachiya in Kyoto. We purchase medical accounts receivable securitized bonds. In that manner, we aim at producing further unique products and services one after another.

  • Venture Sprits

    We value a freewheeling culture and challenging sprit. Our firm is made up by various types’ professionals, and it is indispensable for us to enjoy works by making the best use of our ingenuity in order to deal with creative works. Our company was established in 1949 and it is not a young company, however, we never forget our venture spirts inside our hearts.


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Fees and risks:
When entering into a transaction involving financial products and services (hereinafter referred to as products) presented in this website, you may be required to pay predetermined commission fees and expenses (hereinafter referred to as fees) on specific products. In addition, all products entail particular risks, and holders of these products can incur significant losses as a result of fluctuations in asset prices. Inherent risks and fees differ for each product. Please read the customer information described on each product’s webpage, pre-contract documents, prospectus or explanation documents (hereinafter referred to as documents) thoroughly. As a result of the diverse form of transactions, as well as the variable nature of market conditions and individual transaction details, we are unable to indicate in advance the risks and fees in this website that explains the outline of each products. When entering into a transaction involving products, you should confirm risks and fees in respect of each product by the documents provided to you prior to the contract related to each product.
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