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Mita Securities offers clients wishing to access the Japanese markets a high performance and stable platform. Our flexibility and attention to customer service is what sets us apart. We serve hedge funds, asset managers, wholesale broker-dealers, prop firms. Depending on your trading requirements, we can offer tailored FIX connectivity options to most of the major vendor platforms such as Bloomberg EMSX, TORA Compass,etc. Our Electronic Trading Team is committed to finding the solution that best suits your trading needs.

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We are a member of TSE. Our institutional grade DMA platform is robust and stable.

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Our full suite of algorithms are specially designed and adapted to local market rules and conditions found on the JPX. Our benchmark tracking algorithms are designed to minimize market impact and improve execution performance.

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Margin Trading

We offer institutional customers the ability to trade Japanese Equities on margin via Japan Securities Finance standardized margin product (Seido Shinyo). Investors buying on margin can do so by providing a margin deposit equivalent to 30% of the transaction volume. Shorting on margin is also possible and can be a cheaper alternative to borrowing from a Prime Broker.

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Quant Research, Alt-Data, Best Exec, TCA

For those interested in conducting bespoke quant research or exploring alternative data services, we can be a valuable partner to source opportunities.

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When entering into a transaction involving financial products and services (hereinafter referred to as products) presented in this website, you may be required to pay predetermined commission fees and expenses (hereinafter referred to as fees) on specific products. In addition, all products entail particular risks, and holders of these products can incur significant losses as a result of fluctuations in asset prices. Inherent risks and fees differ for each product. Please read the customer information described on each product’s webpage, pre-contract documents, prospectus or explanation documents (hereinafter referred to as documents) thoroughly. As a result of the diverse form of transactions, as well as the variable nature of market conditions and individual transaction details, we are unable to indicate in advance the risks and fees in this website that explains the outline of each products. When entering into a transaction involving products, you should confirm risks and fees in respect of each product by the documents provided to you prior to the contract related to each product.
Private placement is the sale of an issue of securities directly by the issuer to one or a few investors without public offering. The documents regarding contents or fees of each private placement of securities are not placed in this website. Please read the documents (including contract document, notification, etc) provided to you prior to the contract related to each product thoroughly.

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