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Wealth Management Services

Hedge Funds

Recruiting brilliant fund managers from around the world

The hedge funds which seek absolute return regardless of financial market volatilities are mostly attractive; however, these are investment products for professional investors. We recruit capable hedge fund managers working on a global scale, and restructure attractive professional hedge funds to the ones which individual investors can invest in.

Launching Original Funds

Launching original funds for unique investment opportunities

MITA SECURITIES Co., Ltd. has a number of track records for original fund building, and needless to say, we also have been engaged in creating securitized products (such as bonds). Our unique and original products include US distressed real estate funds, CLOs, Kyomachiya reconstruction funds, real estate funds for inheritance tax saving measures, professional wrestling entertainment funds, and corporate revitalization funds.

Foreign Bonds

We support our clients with providing attractive foreign bond investment opportunities.

We have a wide variety of foreign bonds including government bonds of developed countries and high-yield bonds denominated in emerging countries’ currencies. Our highly experienced traders deal with our customers’ needs of bond investment. They have a broad network of over 10 excellent bond suppliers and a number of securities companies to which we sell bonds all over the country, and this enables us to have the excellent price competitiveness.

Structured Bonds

We provide the structured bonds that meet our clients’ needs.

We purchase and sell various structured bonds. We are able to create structured bonds meeting our clients’ needs, such as EB bonds and a variety of linked notes. We also deal with selling US EB bonds and FX reference rate digital coupon bonds, and purchase and sell the bond position of the secondary bond market.


Reasonably low FX commission

We provide FX currency exchange service with relatively low commission (10-hundredth of a yen for conversion of JPY to US Dollar). Our clients can minimize the purchase cost when they purchase foreign-currency denominated funds, bonds, and stocks.


The trading team supports our clients’ transactions.

We assign a salesperson-in-charge for each client for brokerage services of various transactions such as stocks. We discount the commission depending on the trade record or the asset size under custody of the client. It is possible for non-Japanese residents to open accounts with us. We also deal with block trades and off-market transactions. (We do not have any Internet services.)

Foreign Stocks

US stock trading at low cost

We deal with brokerage services for US stocks. Could you make an inquiry about issues covered by mita securities.

Investment Trusts

Extensive lineup of publicly offered investment trusts

We have an extensive lineup of publicly offered investment trusts.

Domestic Real Estate

Real estate services as a securities firm

We are qualified as a registered real estate broker, and deal with our clients’ various transaction needs for real estate. We also handle sales transactions of real estate trust beneficiary rights as a type 2 financial instruments firm. Our professionals with extensive experience in real estate industry take care of transactions in a friendly and courteous manner. We also provide our clients with solutions for the effective use of real estate and the inheritance measures.

Overseas Real Estate

The full support for complicated overseas real estate investments

We utilize our broad network and support our clients with overseas real estate investments, especially in U.S. and Asia by introducing or providing real estate information. We fully support our clients with their investments in overseas real estate, which are usually complicated for Japanese investors due to differences in language, law, and custom.

Real Estate Investment Funds

We are proud of building a large number of unique real estate investment funds.

We create, manage, and sell various real estate investment funds. We are permitted as a Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprises from Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, so that we can create real estate investment funds with actual properties. Our various and unique real estate investment funds include US distressed real estate funds, Kyomachiya reconstruction funds, and real estate funds for inheritance tax saving measures.

Covered Call

The effective use of dead stocks

We deal with brokerage services for covered call. Covered call is one of the stock lending transactions, in which an investor receives a cash income when the stock reaches a price under a certain condition. If the stock price does not meet a certain condition, those stocks are returned to the client. It is an attractive strategy to receive a relatively higher fee compared with other stock lending transactions. We recommend this covered call strategy for your dead stock’s effective use.

Securities-Backed Loans

We have been providing securities-backed loans to a number of listed companies’ owners with prompt loan examinations.

We provide loans by accepting domestic listed stocks, investment funds, or foreign bonds, which we authorize as eligible collateral. We conduct loan screening expeditiously and it is possible for us to give a loan to our client after a minimum of two days. The names of those stocks are unchanged. Please consult with us for your request of a large amount of loan.

Life Insurance

The risk management we provide as a securities firm

We sell life insurance as an agency. Our professionals qualified as insurance sales agents give advice on various insurance matters for our clients. They also deal with consultation regarding re-examination of the existing insurance contracts.

The Brokerage Accounts for Non-residents

Non-Japanese resident clients can open brokerage accounts with us.

We handle opening a brokerage account for a non-Japanese resident who lives overseas. We become the standing proxy in Japan.

The “Anshin” (relief) Securities Accounts

The “Anshin” (relief) account just in case of sudden cases – the preparation for the demented state

In case you cannot give directions to your brokerage account after you are hospitalized unexpectedly or become demented, your asset liquidation or cash withdrawal can be handled by the representative you designate beforehand. We recommend this “The Anshin Securities Account” just in case of your risks you may encounter. (Free of charge)

Tax Advisory

We are your strong supporter for tax management – We deal with tax transactions in Singapore.

We always examine the financial products and services we propose to our clients from a taxation point of view. Our in-house tax accountants are strengthening cooperation with outside accounting firms and tax accountants for various tax issues. We have a subsidiary accounting firm in Singapore and its professionals have a deep knowledge of the cross-border tax advisory services.

Inheritance/Business Inheritance Measures

“Preparation is better than cure” – The inheritance strategy and the business inheritance measures are essential for the families’ prosperity.

We support our clients with their inheritance and business inheritance measures. We have been giving a number of advices regarding the assets and business inheritance to our clients who have been our clients for a few generations since our foundation. We have been engaged in a number of inheritance cases for our clients and we make use of these experiences and know-how for the long-term and continuous prosperity of our clients’ families.

Immigration/Study Abroad/Overseas Expansion

The full support for immigration to Singapore, study abroad, and overseas expansion of our clients

We have a subsidiary accounting firm in Singapore, EJ Consultancy Services Pte. Ltd, and it has broad business services including tax/accounting services, Visa acquisitions, corporate foundation, dispatching of company executives or secretaries, etc. We give full support to our clients with their immigration to Singapore, asset management company’s foundation, study abroad, and overseas expansion.

Effective Use of Real Estate

We explore the potential value of the properties and give advice specifically to enhance the value.

We provide solutions such as setting up a trust for properties other than simple selling or leasing those properties, in order to enhance the value of the properties our clients own.

M&A Advisory

We lead our clients who explore M&A opportunities to success.

We provide various M&A advisory services including strategy planning, negotiations with counterparties, company valuation, due diligence, and support for preparation of final documentations, and we give our clients with professional advices backed by our profound knowledge. We also have been dealing with cross-border M&A advisory deals in cooperation with our subsidiary accounting firm in Singapore.


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