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Mission / Business Principles



Our Company’s officers and employees act faithfully for our clients, business partners, laws and ordinances, and shareholders.


Our Company’s officers and employees provide high-value added businesses with our original business knowhow and the best services.

Small, Slim&Speedy

Our Company carries out speedy decision-making with our compact and lean organization.

All of the executives and employees share the concept of “ Six S ” as the fundamental principles, make the best effort to achieve our client’s goals through the securities business, and furthermore, contribute to develop the sound Japanese economy.

Business Principles

Client Focus

Listen to our clients
We can find the best solutions eventually if we fully understand the essence of our clients’ problems.


Conduct businesses by which we can build a win-win relationship
with every one of our clients, business partners, officers and employees, and shareholders
Only businesses which make every member engaged in projects happy can last longer.


Seek businesses which enhance our reputation
Reputation can be enhanced by our efforts with a proper attitude toward businesses.


Achieve high profit by effective resource allocation
We manage our company with higher ROEs, enhance capital stock, and build a sound financial base.


Place importance on compliance
Management focusing on compliance is required naturally within this free market in principle.


Set a high value on teamwork
We can provide the more appropriate business solution for our clients if our team can gain power by respecting each other’s individuality among the team members.


Cherish adaptability and creativity
Personnel with high productivity can absorb the constantly changing trends of society and anticipate the future.


Deal with our services with absolute responsibility
Businesses without responsibility give troubles to various people including our clients, business partners, and his/her own team members.

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