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Investment Banking Services

■Investment Banking Services of Mita Securities

We provide various services for finance and business strategies as our main investment banking services.
Our services include financial advisory services for rights offerings and M&A and TOB agent services. Especially we have strength in medium- and small-sized projects or special projects which major investment banks do not deal with proactively. We have been successfully accumulating experiences and the actual results steadily in these fields.
We are building the business systems to enable us to invest, to lend money, or to accept securities by ourselves, so that we can deal with a wide range of our clients’ finance demands with flexibility.
We are now searching business partners who would introduce our services to a number of other clients on behalf of us. Those partners can utilize our company’s infrastructures linked with various financial services and the network among our business partners by joining our Mita Partnership Program.


We provide various clients including listed and unlisted companies, medical institutions, nursing care operators, dispensing pharmacies, company management, etc. with funds in various ways. We can propose the appropriate solutions even for the difficult projects which banks or other security companies do not deal with.

•Rights Offering (commitment type)

Rights offering is a new technique of a capital increase for listed companies, where share options are allotted to all shareholders without contribution. It has been attracting attention rapidly in recent years.
We can deal with the commitment type of rights offering, which means we purchase all the share options which were not exercised by the shareholders and then we exercise all of them. With utilizing this scheme, listed companies can achieve capital increases without fail.


We provide funds by purchasing accounts receivable (factoring) in order to meet our diversifying clients’ needs of fund raising. We started to purchase medical account receivables which medical institutions and nursing care operators own and we have a number of the track records. it is worth noting that our entering this field was faster than anyone else in the market.

•Securities-backed Loans

We provide loans for company presidents or both major and minor shareholders of listed companies by accepting their listed stocks as collateral. The registration names of those shares are unchanged, so that clients can procure funds by utilizing their assets.

•Mortgage-backed Loans

We provide loans on our clients’ real estates. The biggest feature for this loan is that we accept not only domestic real estates but also overseas real estates as collateral. As a general rule, the purpose of loan can be anything. It takes us only one week as the shortest period to grant a loan after receiving an application from our client, so that we welcome your urgent loan requests.

•Underwriting and Purchase of Securities

We have a number of track records for securitized products and purchase of listed companies’ securities such as warrants issued by a third-party allocation. We provide tailored finance plans with lower costs in a speedy manner.


We provide comprehensive and tailor-made solutions, centered for listed companies, in order to meet the various requests of our clients, such as capital increase through shareholders’ allocation, M&A, reorganization, business alliances, etc. We utilize our advantage of being a small team of elite professionals and show a strong presence in projects which major financial institutions do not deal with.

•Rights Offering

As stated earlier, we hold the top track record of market shares in Japan as financial advisor. We provide broad and maximum support including scheme design, financial assistance for shareholders, and assisting negotiations with public organizations.

•Stock Option

We provide listed companies and companies planning initial public offerings with consulting services to implement various stock options, and we also deal with opening and management of specific accounts used for exercising stock options.

•M&A Advisory Services

We provide various professional advisory services as well as company valuation, which are essential for execution of M&A. It is not realistic to pay all the huge investment cost of M&A by its own money. It is quite common that the company is forced to find some kind of way for fund raising with necessity, and we can arrange the best finance schemes for our clients at the same time with our M&A advisory services.

•TOB Agent Services

As a general rule, it is required to appoint a security company as TOB agent when considering acquiring stocks of the listed company more than a certain number off the market. We have abundant experience and track records of TOB as TOB agent. We provide comprehensive supports including scheme design of TOB and various administrative works.

Other Services


There are methods to achieve fundraising by dividing assets into small-lot and securitizing them. We provide a full range of services including the first scheme design, setting up funds, intermediary or mediator services, and the final exit.