To our clients and business partners

We are committed to disseminate our information actively in order to strengthen the relationship and trust with our clients and business partners. This Annual Report 2014 / Corporate Profile 2015 are provided to inform you of our financial information and business summary.

Kunihiro Mita President & CEO MITA SECURITIES Co., Ltd.

Kunihiro Mita
President & CEO

Although the Japanese stock market of the first half of 2014 was losing its direction, it surged rapidly by \4,379 compared with the end of previous fiscal year after the second Quantitative Easing by BOJ in October 2014. JPY also depreciated rapidly in the exchange market accordingly. The environment around the securities industry has been in the best condition for the first time in 10 years with the continuous effect of Abenomics.
However, we struggled with the services for investors and our principle trading. Our basic concept is value investment, therefore the rapid price growth of assets such as stock and real estate, would lead to the decrease of investment opportunity, according to our stance. We especially could not understand the continuous rise in some particular stocks from the beginning of 2015, and our company’s income deteriorated in spite of the rise in Nikkei Stock Average. However, we still hold our mission in which we provide the solid value to our clients’ assets for a long term, and we believe to be important to have courage not to offer the inexplicable and overvalued assets in order to build a long term relationship with our clients. I know it is funny that I’m talking with difficulty about the current unprecedented good condition in the securities industry, but we will keep our creed and this original stance.
As for the investment banking services, changes of the regulatory environment has worked against us. Until the end of the previous fiscal year, we had been engaged in rights offerings as financial advisor for the 12 companies among the total 29 listed companies which executed rights offerings in that year. We were the leader of this business area in the securities industry. However, the regulation against new capital increase methods became tightened up, and motivation for utilizing rights offerings declined among listed companies. Therefore our advisory business which had been our main service became sluggish.
While we were forced to stand on the defensive stance, we launched a branch office in Singapore and started the dealing business there in December, 2014. It has been marking excellent performance since then and has become our growth business. Now we are planning to deal with cross-border transactions connecting Japan and Asian countries, and to conduct research on global investment opportunities. Moreover, our other new business has been kicked off well and progressing steadily. We aim to succeed in launching strategic initiatives to achieve new growth from 2015, and continue making efforts to seek expansion with high-quality.

At last, we would like to express our deep appreciation to our clients and business partners who have been supporting us and contributing us to making a profit for 12 consecutive terms. Nowadays we are one of a few privately owned security companies and we would like to utilize its good features. We are committed to make the best effort to be a security company being needed truly by our clients, and we look forward to your continued patronage and support for us in the future.